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Why PCS Used Car Lot?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Pacific Car Services (PCS), LLC is a veteran-owned business. The owner is a U.S. Navy veteran and a military spouse married to a newly retired U.S. Navy member, retire as a hospital corpsman (HM, 20 years). PCS Used Car Lot specializes in selling quality used vehicles. We are conveniently located in Hagatna along Marine Corps Drive (Route 1) which is only about 8 minutes from the Big Navy base and only about 5 minutes from the Naval Hospital in Agana Heights. PCS Used Car Lot is literally below the Naval Hospital building near the cliff line. In addition to selling used cars, PCS Used Car Lot also buy used cars and accept trade-ins.

What is different about PCS Used Car Lot?

"We offer a NO-Pressure sales approach. There are NO car salesmen present competing for commission."

How it works? Just think "the lemon lot" approach...

Vehicles are parked at our Hagatna PCS Used Car lot with attached information (Price, Miles, Model, Year, etc) and of course a contact number. Your ADVANTAGE of using PCS Used Car Lot? - Because we are not hiring a salesforce and we don't have a fancy office, we can afford to keep our cost down and relay the SAVINGS to you, our customers!

We are a quality used car dealer giving you private party prices! Purchasing a vehicle is surprisingly easy! Our office is in front of the used car lot. If you need more information or would like to take it for a test drive, simply give us a call or if we are in the office, give us a knock and we will be more than happy to assist. PCS Used Car Lot has a very military friendly culture. We know what it's like getting orders in and out of different duty stations and the need to find the right vehicle with the best price possible!

For military members:

We are military family owned! We have access to all of the military bases using our fancy retired military (just retired) and dependent ID card :) If you like a car off of our website or seen a car with a friend at our car lot BUT still do not have your own transportation, we are able to make an appointment to bring the car TO YOU (at your barracks, lodging, even near the NEX) for your convenience! We know what it's like...

PCS Used Car Lot is located at Hagatna or Anigua and is only 8 minutes from Big Navy & 5 minutes from Naval Hospital.

PCS Used Car lot is HIGHLY visible & HIGHLY accessible! Thousands of commuters (military and non-military alike) drive pass the used car lot on a daily basis. We are right on Marine Corps Drive with zero obstructions.

Do we accept TRADE-INS as part of payment?

Yes we can on a case by case basis. Simply send in some information on your vehicle and pictures is a plus. OR, bring your trade in to the car lot and we can evaluate and check the trade in value.


Most of our transactions have been financed by your personal bank. We do tons of business with NFCU located near Sumay, Santa Rita, so they would be a great source for financing as they have very low interest rates and have awesome response time.

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