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As of this time, we do not offer in house financing. You can work with your personal bank or credit union, just as long as they will finance a 25 year old classic vehicle like these Japanese Domestic Market vehicles that we have here at PCS Used Car Lot.

Active Duty & Veteran customers


1. Navy Federal Credit Union: 


PCS Used Car Lot is a Business NFCU member. If the funds are already in your NFCU account, we can simply do a member-to-member transfer. We are able to confirm deposited amount in real time. 


Just add our email address to transfer to:


Once added, the account will come up as: PACIFIC CAR SERVICES LLC *9335


If you would like to finance these JDMs using NFCU, you would need to apply using a PERSONAL LOAN and not a used car loan. Per NFCU, used car loans are reserved for vehicles less than 20 years old and newer. These JDMs have to be at least 25 years old to be able to import vehicles to Guam per US import laws.


**Please make cashiers check payable to: PCS USED CAR LOT


**If you already have a “Navy Federal Credit Union Dealership Check” and would like to purchase one of our JDMs, simply reach out to NFCU and request to convert it into a personal loan check instead to purchase one of our JDM classics.





Wire transfer is the most secure way to send funds to our NFCU Business account. We have our wiring instructions handy when you are ready to purchase.


We can also accept USAA personal checks if people still use that anymore! The funds would take about 3-5 business days to clear and obviously would need to wait until then to start with the DMV processing.


For USAA used car loans, please reach out to them and confirm if they are able to finance our JDMs. Even though 90% of our cars are insurable with USAA, does not mean they are able to finance them. 


3. ALL major Credit Cards


We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, etc. Secured payment can be made using our Buy Now button on our website.

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